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About Me

Are your deceased loved ones still with you? Do you have questions about your overall health but don’t want to sit in a doctor’s office for hours? Are you wondering if your love life is moving in the right direction or stuck in a pattern? Do you have questions about your future in these uncertain times of chaos and confusion?

If any of this applies to you, keep reading! I am here for you with the necessary skills spiritually that can find the truth that resides within you. I am here to allow you to see what you can’t see and to understand what you’ve been trying to understand for so long. Our journey to your truth is the learn, heal, and grow experience that you can apply to all aspects of your life, starting with our first session!

I have been mastering my skills over the last 11 years. As an Intuitive Psychic Medium & Reiki Master with the gifted ability to see, feel, know, hear and heal whether past, present, or future. Adding to my credibility, I am a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner and can give health and wellness coaching from an intuitive standpoint while utilizing my medical knowledge and background.

Still interested? Keep reading because here’s the best part…

​Intuitive Psychic Abilities:

By connecting spiritually and intuitively I can give you guidance on nearly any aspect of your life to include your career, finances, relationships, health, or blocks and more that may be holding you back in life. I can answer questions about anything, including your relationship such as if you are with “The One”, if a relationship can heal from past trauma, or if there is love in your future? 

Reiki Abilities:

By harnessing the divine energy of Reiki I can remove any negative attachments or energy that may be dragging you down and heal you on a multitude of levels remotely. This healing method is now widely accepted and used in medical practices across the nation.

Mediumship Abilities:

By connecting spiritually and intuitively I can connect to and communicate with you and your loved ones that have passed on to provide accurate and clear insight, closure, or relief in understanding that life goes on, even after death.


I sharpened my abilities and received certifications under the professional teachings of Tiffany Powers who is one of the most talented healers and recognized intuitives in the U.S. and is known for her certified practice across the globe. I am also a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner and have also trained under experienced animal communicator Tracy Bakewell.

I love helping, healing, and providing honest life guidance so that you may live life to the fullest while achieving peace and happiness. I believe everyone has the power to improve their lives. Let me help you connect with the right energy. Book an appointment with me today to see how we can begin working together!


I am totally amazed and blown away by Ashley's abilities and accuracy!

She communicated with my deceased father and brought me closure. She also removed negative energy from within and around me, allowing me to feel refreshed and renewed!

Ashley helped me Learn, Grow, & Heal. I am so grateful for her and her caring heart ♥


Ashley is truly an amazing person with extraordinary gifts. She has blessed me in many ways with being accurate in her guidance and advice.

I talk to her frequently, as she is always willing to assist and support me with any of my life circumstances!

Her distant Reiki Healing has tremendously helped me reset and heal. ♥


Ashley is so wonderful and accurate in her intuitive readings and healings. She has a pure heart and soul, making it easy to talk to her and share personal information without judgement.

Her medical knowledge as a Nurse Practitioner has also be vital on my path to achieve health and wellness.

She has helped heal me in many ways I never thought possible, I am so thankful for her! ♥



Learn, Grow, & Heal


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